Dr. Sarah J. Tracy serves as director of The Transformation Project at Arizona State University, leading a consortium of faculty, students, and community members who seek to discover and promote creative change processes that encourage healthy communication patterns, collaborative group behavior, and equitable forms of social organization.

Transformation Project Faculty and distinguished guests unite during Conversation as Pedagogy Symposium at Arizona State University, Fall, 2019
From left to right:
front row: Drs. Elissa Adame, Alaina Zanin, Heewon Kim, Erin Willer, Sarah Tracy (director)
back row: Drs. Benjamin Broome, Kevin Barge, Robin Boylorn, Ryan BiselĀ (not pictured but attending virtually, Dr. Mohan Dutta)
Five ASU Transformation Project faculty with five guest professors.

The Transformation Project engages in research, teaching, and outreach that centers on harnessing the energy and urgency inherent in problematic situations and directing it toward empowering individuals, nurturing relationships, enriching organizations, and cultivating community.

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