Author.Researcher.Possibility Detective.

My mission is to cultivate human flourishing, possibility, wisdom, and compassion in relationships and at work. I seek out the whimsy and growth available in everyday life.

Meet Sarah

I am a professor of human communication, author of over 100 scholarly publications, and regularly teach and consult on the topics of leadership, qualitative research methods, organizational communication, and happiness.

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Research & Publications

My research focuses on ameliorating organizational problems such as workplace bullying, injustice, and burnout so as to creating workplaces that are compassionate, resilient, inclusive, and flourishing.

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The Blog

As a possibility detective, I seek out whimsy, flourishing, and purpose in far away and mundane places. My blog chronicles my travels, research, events, and what I’m reading and thinking about right now.

Sometimes I write as a personal brainstorm–meandering through the conundrums and opportunities life throws at me. Other times I write to share research, events, and training opportunities. Along the way, my hope is to cultivate possibilities, dreams, and curiosities for myself and others.

Oh The Possibilities!

Consulting & Workshops

I offer training, consulting, research support and keynote speaking to a variety of corporations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, universities, and individuals.

If you need a vibrant speaker for your event, want to take your organization’s wellbeing and leadership to the next level, could use some research support, or want to partner on an in-depth program assessment, I can help.

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