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Sarah offers a range of services to professionals, faculty, executives and students. These include training and coaching, research support, keynote speaking, or providing teaching resources.

Training & Coaching

Specialized workshops and informational short-courses provide pathways to excellence for professionals, faculty, students, researchers, and administrators. Whether you are a graduate student needing to finish your thesis, or an executive facing an intractable organizational dilemma, Sarah’s ability to transform complex issues into pathways with actionable practices will provide the support you and your group needs to achieve your goals.

Research Support

An internationally acclaimed research methodologist, Sarah consults with research teams, organizations, and governmental groups on all parts of the research process, including design, intervention, data analysis, and assessment. If you need to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention or program, analyze the challenges faced by employees, or gauge the solutions that will best suit your organization, Sarah is here to provide the support and tools you need.

Keynote Speaker

Sarah has been energizing and informing audiences for her entire career. With a performance background in improvisational comedy and deep expertise in topics such as leadership, compassion, happiness, organizational transformation, work-life balance, and organizational culture, Sarah provides memorable keynote speeches, offers exceptional informational presentations, and can even serve as emcee for your event.

Learning Resources

Boost your research, communication, and teaching skills through Sarah’s online videos and freely available course syllabi and resources. Whether you are a student looking to better understand research concepts, a professional looking for auxiliary resources on key topics related to human flourishing, or a teacher hoping to learn from or adapt course assignments that Sarah has developed, these virtual resources will be worthwhile to you.

Sometimes I offer coaching and workshops directly to individuals. These include qualitative research support, goal-setting workshops, genius sessions, and more. Click below for current offerings.

Qualitative Coaching & Training Opportunities

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If you would like to inquire about consulting services, research support, or media commentary, please drop me a line. Let me know what you’re up to and let’s brainstorm something together!